Young people grow and are not manufactured

james shone

By James Shone

I am simply bowled over as I read twitter feeds from many schools about all the different activities and opportunities there are available. As term comes to an end, I have met in the last few days some extremely tired teachers. This has caused me to reflect that young people sometimes need to be given space to grow and simply doing one activity after another with them and for them is not always the best thing to do. As I consider a plant it needs both sunshine and rainfall in order to flourish, I guess in the world of human kind that is successes and failures. Plants also flourish when competing and when pruned.
Over this Christmas holidays I think a challenge for us all should be to embrace this message. Simply doing things and giving things to our children is not always the answer. Sometimes space, time and learning to live in their own space without the constant care and attention of the gardener is what they need.

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