You Can Do It!

james shone

By James Shone

What a Masters 2016!
At the start of the final round I think everybody that wanted to place a bet would have put their money on the world No.2. After nine holes, Jordan Spieth found himself seven under par and the title belonged to him again, or so we thought. However at the same time there was a lesser known young man from Sheffield UK,  ranked 102nd in the world last year and whose wife had just given birth. His name was Danny Willet and as we all now know, he went on to win the coveted green jacket.
What ultimately lies behind this success is an inner belief that Danny must have had.  By concentrating on his game and playing as good a round as he could – then the title could still be his. Too many of us look at the ‘ Jordan Spief’s’ in life and choose not to believe that we can do it. Last night should act as a reminder to us all that we can do it!
The key is to focus on our own game and not of those around us. 
A great story and even better lesson for us all.

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