You are your own CEO

james shone

By James Shone

You are your own CEO
I find myself using this phrase a great deal when I’m speaking to young people. I obviously have to elaborate as to its meaning – I’m making the point that we hold the keys to our future. I often say to parents and teachers that one of our chief ends is to teach our young people to make wise choices. After all, “we are the summation of the choices that we make”. My worry is that the speed of life can prohibit our ability to take a longer course when our children make a wrong decision. Too often we simply instruct, inform and tell. Naturally we’re a bit bossy and combined with this we are scared of them failing or getting things wrong. I think my heart cry is to see our young people take on the reigns of leadership of their lives, obviously with us guiding them, but also enabling them to learn to make wise choices. School leavers often find themselves in a free world which they simply cannot cope with after the secure stone walls of their establishment are removed.
So let’s avoid being too instructive with our young people.  Less of the: “do this, do that.”  More being patient and asking our young people: “you make the choice, do you think that’s right? Let’s reflect in a day or twos time.”

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