What do our children need to succeed?

james shone

By James Shone

What do our children need to succeed?
This is a question that educators constantly ask and everybody has a different view on. There is no doubt that the world for which we are preparing our children is changing rapidly and the glove they end up as may not appropriately fit the hand. I recently listened to a book by Paul Tough and he highlights that young people need to be equipped with the following character traits to prepare them best for the world:

  • grit
  • optimism
  • social intelligence
  • curiosity
  • zest
  • self control
  • gratitude

I think if a young person is equipped with these seven qualities they will be fully set up for whatever life may throw at them.  However, it’s unlikely that individuals will be replete with all of them and so it’s about encouraging young people to adopt a growth mindset towards developing and strengthening themselves in particular areas. This can be a challenge when today they are often impatient to progress and the small step approach can be over looked.  We must therefore stress that when it comes to developing any of these traits we must accept that it may take time but that one day we may find ourselves to possess that quality and we’ll truly have made great progress.
So my hope for this week is to encourage parents and teachers to be focussing on the right areas for their charges to develop rather than the wrong ones.

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