We should have a thick skin and a soft heart

james shone

By James Shone

I was out walking yesterday afternoon with my two younger children and we found ourselves walking down a particularly muddy path shrouded by trees.  There were many low lying branches which I constantly seemed to be walking in to and I then managed to fall in to an enormous pile of mud!  My 10 year old daughter wanted to help her Dad whilst my 12 year old son found the whole thing very funny! I have to confess, my pride was utterly wounded and I felt very silly, but I got up and carried on with our walk and conversation in to a wide open field.  I was keen to move on from my fall and slightly shameful moment and this is where the title of today’s blog comes to the fore. We all have our moments (during Covid more than ever) that require us to have a thick skin and to not allow them to affect us too much. But it is the soft heart of kindness and love that ultimately affects change. I’ve met many people that have thick skins and hard hearts as well as people that have soft hearts and easily woundable skins. I think that it is the combination of the two that makes for a resilient but loving human being and these are the people that will make a difference in our world.

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