Unto thine own self be true

james shone

By James Shone

Yesterday afternoon I returned to hospital in Bristol to receive feedback following a fairly intensive neurological assessment. It was an event that I was very anxious about – thinking that I was going to hear of my major brain deficiencies as a result of surgery. It was pleasing to hear that fundamentally all is well, however as a result of my radical radiotherapy and sight loss lots of things happening at the same time is hard for me to handle. As I came away from this meeting it was important that I recognised and held my hand up to the truth of these findings. There is no doubt that lots going on at the same time almost leads me and my mind in to a paralysis.  I feel that this is an important message for us all, and particularly to young people, because it is often so tempting to cover up and pretend that all is OK when beneath the surface there are issues.  If we cannot be honest with ourselves we are going to struggle to be honest with others.

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