It's time to be pastorally proactive…

james shone

By James Shone

I was really inspired the other day when I was being driven back from a speaking engagement by an old chum. This friend is a houseparent looking after over sixty 13-18 year old boys. Having finished my speaking engagement we rushed back to Bath as he had some engagements to meet. These were a series of half an hour 1:1 chats. In fact he had set himself the task of speaking to each boy in his house for half an hour 1:1, before the first half term of the year. This is real ‘pastoral proactivity’….seeking to access the backstage of each boy and call forth the stellar qualities in each chap. We all need to belong, feel known and this is at the heart of engendering a sense of value.
Being pastorally proactive is very demanding for pastoral leaders, as they already have hefty workloads. However, I think, it’s what our young now need.

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