The Tandemathon! Raising funds for the bus

james shone

By James Shone

Our new double decker bus hits the road next month and it’s dawning on us just how many costs will be involved in keeping our bus moving (who’d have thought we’d need 4 fire extinguishers?!) So we’ve set ourselves a target for the Tandemathon of £15,000 to go towards the costs of our first Pilot Year. Our high-vis crusaders, James and Anthony, will cycle from Bath to Big Ben between 12th and 14th April. For James, who has very little sight and has suffered two small strokes, this is a challenge, and he’s relying on some expert navigation from Anthony!

We have been so touched by the many stories of mental health challenge that we’ve heard over the past year during our work with schools. Our new double decker bus will enable us to visit schools that need us most to spend time with individuals and small groups embedding our messages on how to avoid poor mental health by keeping balloons of self-belief inflated.

Tandemathon dates:
12th April:
Leave Bath early morning.
14th April: Arrive at Big Ben in the evening.

Route: Sustrans Route 4 for the majority of the way.
Any support along the way would be most welcome.  Do donate if you can!

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