“The quickest way to lose your self-confidence is to try and be someone you’re not”

james shone

By James Shone

This quote I heard whilst recording a podcast with a confidence coach, Jo Emerson, last week.  It’s absolutely brilliant and I think so true. It plays in to my passion to see schools working hard to ensure that they create a culture of belonging. At the heart of belonging is that individuals are truly allowed to be themselves and diversity is celebrated. This is a much more effective approach than taking the much safer route of homogenising pupils to conform to the ‘norm’.

This also ties in with a blog I did a few weeks ago on the idea that ‘being different is awesome.’  As parents, we must be understanding and feel hopeful if our children are slightly different, rather than feeling fearful and shoving them in a box of acceptability.

There is no doubt that the world today is a diverse place and allowing our children to be themselves is how they truly grow in self belief, and we must endorse this!

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