The four pillars of I Can and I Am

james shone

By James Shone

After a number of years of honing our message I feel that we now have a clear vision of what it is to see a young person’s balloon of self-belief inflated.  These are our Four Pillars:

1.    The first pillar is to Belong – this is to offer young people a place where they are safe and secure to be themselves.
2.    The second pillar is to encourage a Growth Mindset where young people can feel that they are moving forward and progressing.
3.    The third is to know that we are All Intelligent in different ways and have a unique purpose.  Even if a young person doesn’t flourish in the school regime, they need to know that we are all good at something.
4.    The fourth pillar it to know that we have Hope.  It is so important to feel that our lives will have a happy and positive tomorrow.  Even if we might be struggling today there are good things around the corner. Here, it is crucial that our setbacks do not hold us back, but we convert them in to powerful learning opportunities that can assist us in our future.

If we are able to get these individual parts in to a positive place, young people will have inflated balloons of self-belief and they’ll be able to bounce back with resilience to the challenges they may face on a daily basis.

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