The Bus!

james shone

By James Shone

We are very excited to have recently celebrated 5 years in operation as a charity.  As we look towards the next phase we are wanting to move from INSPIRATION to TRANSFORMATION. The  messages of ‘I Can & I Am’  have been so well received over the years and we’re regularly told that they’ve inspired those who have listened, but one is wary that inspiration can soon evaporate in to nothing.  I think lying at the heart of most charities is a desire to see real transformation and to achieve this we are now making plans to spend longer in a community (days rather than hours) to enable us to affect such change.

At the heat of this project is a bus! We were blown away a few weeks ago when the CEO of Howdens (the world class kitchen company) offered to provide the charity with a fully refurbished state of the art double decker bus.  We’re now in a place of some blue sky thinking and spending time in discussion about the very best way to use the bus.  My heart is that it is an environment that is safe, secure but also life giving.  We certainly don’t want it to be an overly fun bus that is laughed at!

So five years is done and we are hugely excited to be venturing on to the next part of the I Can & I Am journey.

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