What we stare at tends to grow….

james shone

By James Shone

This is a simple statement which is so true and often very hard to obey.
i used to play a lot of golf and I remember my dear father telling me as a young boy not to stare at the problem in front of me, but to imagine the best shot. If you dwell on the lake you’ll probably end up in it….he’d say. This is so true on the golf course, but also in life. When we have issues we must not dwell on them for too long because they will consume us. I wouldn’t want to encourage denying the issue but a pragmatic and positive approach often sees us through. This is where faith and trust in God has really helped helped me to look above / beyond my sight loss and tumour over the last two years. Look up is a blog, I think I have already shared – but it really helps!

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