Social individualism stinks!

james shone

By James Shone

I only heard this term recently and it applies to social media and how it extricates us, in a subtle way, from communing naturally and authentically with those around us. I spend quite a lot of time on trains and waiting at stations. It’s here that one sees ‘social individualism’ at its most extreme. Everyone, literally every person, has their head down in their mobile phone – no smiles, eye contact, place for a platitude. So sad!! The knock on effects are considerable and the sharp rises in anxiety and depression come as no surprise.
So how do we tackle it? I’m not sure really, but I do think that as parents we must work hard to limit our children’s access to it all. This is often unpopular and challenging but I think we should all do our best this Christmas time to implement some good old fashioned family games and NOT permit the seemingly ‘peaceful’ alternative of the screen. The long term effects are scary!!

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