Smiling really does make a difference!

james shone

By James Shone

I went to London yesterday feeling rather flat. It was cold, I felt tired and anything served to accentuate this rather negative psyche. Having got to London Paddington I then ventured ‘underground’ as I aimed to get myself to Angel, Islington. It was when I got to King’s Cross that my day changed. As I rather hopelessly looked around for the Northern line, a delightful man saw my white stick & came up to me, asking if I needed help. He then walked me all the way to the Northern line ( quite a way!). I was really struck by this man’s sunny and smiley disposition. In fact because of him I tried to ‘smile’ a little more.
Smiling releases endorphins, the happy hormone. The movement of muscles in our face is interpreted by the brain which then releases the chemicals. The great thing is that the brain doesn’t know if we are faking a smile & still releases endorphins.
They are there for free folks – let’s take them!
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