Small steps…. often the answer

james shone

By James Shone

As this is written I have just finished my 230 mile tandem ride. A day or two after it finished I found myself in my Mum’s kitchen where I remembered being back in October 2012, having daily physio sessions with a kind lady who tried to get me to walk from one side of the kitchen to the other without falling over. Five and a half years later as I sat in the same place having my breakfast, to think that I had just cycled 230 miles was extraordinary. I really don’t say this for my own aggrandisement but I know that educationally there is real value in how we teach young people who can so quickly adopt an attitude of ‘no way’. Back in October 2012, to cycle 230 miles was a definite no way for me, but the growth mindset will tell us that we should always add the word ‘yet’ and we must then work hard to take small steps in the right direction. This has always been my Mum’s advice, ‘just keep taking small steps’, and I think that as educators and parents we should never be closing doors and agreeing / confirming a ‘can’t’ to an activity but try to adopt the ‘yet’ and ‘small steps’ approach because it really does work!

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