Shining your light…

james shone

By James Shone

I’m writing this blog very much with teachers in mind. As I travel round schools at this late stage of the term I am meeting so many tired, deflated and in some cases irritable teachers. I am struck by the significance of how we are often true role models for the young people and if we want them to shine their lights then we need to shine ours. I know this is hard when demands are constantly being made from us and we are really running on empty. So a short encouragement on the importance of the four pillars of well being for teachers:

  • Firstly – we need to make sure we rest. Getting a good night’s sleep is at the heart of a rested human being.
  • Secondly – the importance of exercise and I know that this means different things for different people but the research on its mental benefits is stark and to do up to half an hour of exercise outside a day benefits us enormously.
  • Thirdly – the importance of having fun. I know that at this stage of term, laughter and fun is a distant and sometimes unrealistic notion. Yet a comedy or something that we always know will tickle our ‘humour buds’ will benefit us.
  • Finally – the importance of a hobby which again, at this stage of term with reports etc may be impossible. But if we can carve out a little bit of time for ourselves to do something that we love and inflates our balloons this will equip us for this all important season.

For many it is 2 or 3 weeks to go and we mustn’t forget the significance of our example to young people.  ‘If we do it they will too’.

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