Proclaim…then do!

james shone

By James Shone

Once again I was inspired, whilst sitting on a train, when I heard two colleague discussing the recruitment of a new employee. Many of his qualities were discussed but the defining moment ,which sealed his fate, was when they shared something he had said he had done and they then found out he hadn’t. Put simply;   there are integrity issues here as he had said something which was later disproved but also I am aware that many of us say things that we are going to do yet fail to deliver.
Let’s us throw this forward from school to the employment interview and as we witness on the train, not being people of our word, and holding false promises can ultimately affect our destiny.
It is often an eagerness to be listened to that leads us to exaggerate and promise more than we can deliver.
Let us all make sure that what we proclaim equals what we do.

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