Your "normal" needs to shift…

james shone

By James Shone

We are back from Menorca, where we had a great holiday with my two oldest buddies Ferg and Jamie + their families. We spent a lot of time in boats and on the water and sure enough the moment came for me to have another go at water-skiing. I used to be a fairly competent mono skier and waiting in the water with 2 skis on, being held by my wife I sensed the enormity of what I was trying to do. I can’t walk straight as a result of extensive nerve damage on my left hand side….never mind water-ski! Sure enough it was a big challenge and I kept on falling over on my left hand side, although on one occasion I did stay upright for about 75 yards! It was potentially a rather humiliating occasion and my spirits sank until I was reminded by my wife of my surgeon’s words:”You’re different now and what used to be normal for you no longer is.” Whilst this is a helpful mindset for those of us who have had a radical life- shift the rest of us must always ensure we have appropriate expectations in every situation.

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