No Challenges – No Change

james shone

By James Shone

I heard this whilst listening to the radio the other day and with the ‘Invictus Games’ going on at the moment I have my mind filled with the significance of challenges. They can either change us for good or for bad. So the KEY question for today is: how do we respond to a challenge?
My answer to this question is to Look Up, Look Forward & Look Out.
Look Up

  • Having a sense of FAITH and God being in Control diminshes the size of any challenge that we might face.

Looking Forward

  • This helps to address HOPE, it is in the future where opportunities and possibilities lie. Reflecting back can stunt progress.

Look Out

  • It has been scientifically proven that the happy hormone, Endorphins, are now released when we think and do things for others out of LOVE.

To find out more about these three click here. 
If we respond to a challenge like this we will handle any changes that are thrown our way in a positive way.
On the other hand, if we Look Down, Back & In, we may become a (D)angerously (B)leak (I)ndividual.
The choice lies within us.

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