Look for the treasure in the trials

james shone

By James Shone

It is very easy to go through trials and let one thing be added to the next which can lead us deeper into the gloom. However, it is often in these times of challenge that certain events can happen that are really rather special.  For me, not being able to see remains my biggest challenge, especially on the London Underground, where I found myself the other day…
As I was stumbling along after a long journey, a little lost,  a man saw me holding my white stick and decided he would take ten minutes of his precious time to show me where the northern line was. During this time, I happened to clumsily drop a £ 20 note and this same man kindly picked it up for me instead of putting in his own pocket. It was this very act that reminded me that there are still some very kind people who want to help and improve the lives of those around them. Little do they know the impact they having.
It is very important that we remember people and moments like these rather than constantly dwelling on our problems.

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