Look down at your problems

james shone

By James Shone

I remember meeting my surgeon 3 years after having brain surgery and him asking me whether I’d taken the job as a headmaster. When I said that I hadn’t because of my eyesight, I assumed the position of ‘poor old me’ and the victim mentality. He was quick to tap me on the shoulder and tell me how lucky I was to be walking and talking and not always to stare at the insurmountable problem. Instead I should shift my gaze and be thankful for what I do have and can do. I think this is an endemic problem for so many young people.  It’s all too easy to spend their life ruminating on what they don’t have and can’t do and this can semi paralyse them.  Often the simplest way of breaking this is to encourage them to change their mindset in to a thankful and appreciative place where they dwell on what they do have and can do. I often have to force myself to remember this interaction I had with my surgeon and what a game changing conversation it was.

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