Listen and Learn

james shone

By James Shone

Last week I started listening to a fabulous book called “Just one thing.” This is the kind of book I really enjoy – it’s a series of over 60 very successful people sharing one nugget of advice. I was struck by Simon Cowell’s.  Here, the author was really taken aback by how interested and engaging he found Simon Cowell on a one to one meeting. I think he was expecting, as I would, a rather egocentric “I simply haven’t got time for anyone else” type person, yet he experienced something quite different. Simon Cowell lives by the mantra of ‘listen and learn’ believing that we can learn so much from other people. This ties in quite closely to my Mum’s mantra of ‘interested people are interesting people’. Simon Cowell’s nugget was: “ask questions, listen carefully and learn form others.”
Put simply, we don’t need to read tomes or study PHDs but by simply listening we can learn and thereby broaden / deepen ourselves. As I always say, and I said last week, this is a choice. As the summer holidays begin, my charge to us all is to be a question asker and listen carefully to people’s responses and in doing so we will certainly benefit!

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