Let your problems refine you and not define you…

james shone

By James Shone

I have had a rather challenging few weeks with a very frustrating leg injury. After my brain surgery I did not properly exercise for almost two years. In June 2014 I was challenged to have a crack at the Bath half Marathon. I took this challenge up and have been working hard, from a very low base, to get fit for this event. All was going well until 4 weeks ago when I went for a run, outside rather than in the gym, and my left leg, which has no feeling due to my surgery, totally buckled. Scary moment – I have to say! It then ballooned and for the last few weeks it’s been physio, leg up and a fair amount of hobbling!
Why do I share this frustration/ setback? I think the lesson I’m learning is our heading for this piece. The hobble needn’t define me but the season of setback can refine me. The key, I think, is to look elsewhere and consider other ways to keep fit / challenge myself and not jump in that hollow of self pity. Sometimes ‘that hollow’ appeals more than the pool!

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