It's Christmas Time…

james shone

By James Shone

With four children I am conscious that the Christmas holidays loom large and I was struck yesterday by an expectation that I fear I’m not going to be able to meet. The expectation is that they will get and have as much as they want over the next few weeks. I feel that the drive of the ‘consumer Christmas’ has really had an adverse effect on the gentleness and charm of a family Christmas. This makes parenting that much harder for us at this time of year.
It is so important for our young people to realise that true life is found in giving and not in getting. This sounds like a broken record because I have said this so many times! However, I want our children to have a happy, relationship-rich and enjoyable Christmas but I fear that their wants may cloud the ultimate reality of what this season is about. I don’t want to sound bar humbug because this time is a very special one but I think from this moment on to the big day we must be working hard to get our children in to the right mind set and little initiatives like making mince pies and delivering to the local community are so powerful. If they can learn this lesson now I’m certain it can pay dividends later in life.

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