Inspiration…. to Transformation

james shone

By James Shone

This is another reflection that I’m having after five years of speaking in hundreds of schools to pupils and staff and parents. Often I will leave a school with the compliment of ‘that was so inspirational’, but my fear is that this inspiration is lost and forgotten after a matter of hours. As I ponder and we strategise for the years ahead the title of today’s blog is at the forefront of our minds. This is a challenge and is very much at the heart of what we want to achieve. We want young people to be inspired and then move towards changing the way that they think and ultimately see themselves.

There are two chief areas we want to focus on to achieve this that we believe can unlock potential and see real change.  Firstly it is the world of mentoring – this is an opportunity for us to sit with individuals and help them see what their strengths, qualities and finally hopes may be.  And teaching them that they are human beings with potential, not academic robots. The other area is to offer opportunities for young people to experience a host of different activities which gives them the chance to see where their talents and passions may be. Ultimately their ‘element’ (what we love doing combined with what we are good at) should be the direction that they travel in life.

So watch this space. We want to see the lives of young people both inspired AND transformed and we are truly on a mission!

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