Ignorance is bliss, whilst ignoring can be dangerous….

james shone

By James Shone

I have stolen this title from an article that my wife read to me last week from the newspaper. I love the principle and know how easy it is to become aware of something but to carry on ignoring the reality of it. On the journies of our children, the young people we look after and ourselves, we must address reality. If we don’t problems can inflate and eventually be a toxic issue for us to face. Ignorance and unawareness is a very different place to be than a space where we know the problem but keep on ignoring it.

I know that since having my brain tumour and being faced with the disabilities and challenges that came with it, that it’s sometimes much easier on our emotional well being to ignore and not square up to our challenges. However this can be hugely detrimental, particularly to those living around us.

So my heart felt response to the title is that we square up to our problems in a way and within a time frame that doesn’t hugely wound and damage our emotional well being.

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