Humiliation v Humbling

james shone

By James Shone

I have had a challenging few days. We are coming to the end of the long school summer holidays and have spent 10 days on tour, with our children, visiting family. On a number of occasions I have had my ‘new and compromised life’ hammered home – painfully! Last Wednesday evening I went with my father in law and 2 sons to my beloved old golf club – the place where I spent days and days of my childhood. On this occasion we played 2 holes in about an hour! It really was a clown’s day out. After our epic adventure we went and had a restoring drink & a snack before making our way home. On leaving the clubhouse we bumped into all sorts of people from the past and I quickly felt weak, incapacitated, compromised & ultimately HOPELESS. There was then a moment, with my 13 year old son where I slipped off a step and stumbled back to our car. He was unsurprisingly embarrassed. I felt desperate. A truly low moment.
On reflection – when we have these ‘moments’ – we can either submit to a lamentable humiliation. Or we can give thanks and allow ourselves to be humbled. Humble human beings are attractive and God’s grace is given to them. It’s our choice and we must remember the old cliche: Pride comes before a fall.

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