How giving can help our mental wellbeing

james shone

By James Shone

On Sunday, I found myself flying from Bristol up to Edinburgh. This was a first flight alone since losing my sight. Airports are particularly challenging places when you can’t see. I was very proud to stride off the plane onto the tarmac, at Edinburgh Airport, feeling like the mission was very nearly accomplished. As I entered the terminal building I then joined a queue and was standing happily thinking I was making gentle progress. Moments later, I got a tap on the shoulder from a charming lady, who had been on the same flight, and she subsequently asked me if I was wanting to fly to Reykjavik, Iceland, as this was were I was unknowingly headed.
I was very thankful for her intervention and quickly pulled myself out of the queue and with my advice giver headed of in the correct direction. Her kindness managed to save me time, money and embarrassment whilst I am also sure it brighten up her day too!
There is a well known correlation between acts of kindness and our mental well being. Whether we are in a bleak place or not, there are opportunities galore for us to put other before ourselves. In doing so, we help them and us.
To find out more about this correlation click here .

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