'Our history does not have to shape our destiny….'

james shone

By James Shone

I have found this short quote really helpful. As I’ve recently shared I’ve just listened to Henry Marsh’s book on Brain Surgery. On the one hand this book made me count my blessings….I’m a lucky boy! Whilst on the other hand one can slow down and shelter under the wings of infirmity. I’m not sure that the latter of these 2 approaches is right. Let’s use our histories to propel us, our disadvantages to our advantage. The doom filled approach of: ‘it’s always been like that, why change?’ ….is unlikely to bear fruit. If things have not gone well in the past – let’s reflect on them and ask ourselves the question, ‘How can I use that to my / other people’s advantage?’ In my case it’s, ‘ How can I use my sight loss to my / other people’s advantage?’

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