Gratitude turns what we have in to enough

james shone

By James Shone

I have just returned from presenting to a series of schools in Abu Dhabi, for which I’m hugely thankful to the team for organising. But I’m also rather proud of myself for travelling to a part of the world I’ve never been to before and returning in one piece!  Whilst I was away I was once again convicted about the significance of the word gratitude. At one point I was asked a very pointed question: “how have you been able to persevere with your disabilities?” As I reflected on this direct question I once again reminded myself of the significance of gratitude. I was taken back to meeting my surgeon who suggested that losing my sight and one or two other minor functions really was not half as bad as it might have been. In fact to be able to walk and talk I should be daily celebrating.
Too often we look at problems like they’re mountains and forget about the smaller things which can often provides solutions. It is, as I always say to pupils, an active choice and I think the idea of writing a gratitude diary or list is a really good one. To list your thank yous entrenches them in your mind and puts a smile on your face more readily than constantly dwelling on that same old mountain.

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