Get your "inflow" right….

james shone

By James Shone

I’m conscious as I travel around, of how many utterly ‘spent’ people I meet. As winter arrives this long term draws to a conclusion and busyness is the norm for us all. The effect of all this is a fairly frazzled brigade of people. Being so tired clearly impacts our output and it should be a question we all ask ourselves: ‘How do I maintain a decent energy level?” I think it’s helpful to focus on inflows as well as  outflows. Often our outflows are Outside of our control, however we can make time to ensure that our inflow remains constant. We should concentrate on trying to get this piece of the jigsaw in place. Different people are energised in different ways and my encouragement to us all is to consider how we personally can make sure our inflows are in place. If our lives are going to be sustainable we must consider this!t

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