Consider others more important than yourself.

james shone

By James Shone

This is a key verse in the book of Philippians and sometimes is easier to do than others! Of course it is right and life giving to do it though!
I’m currently on a skiing holiday in La Clusaz with my family, my wife’s bother’s family and my father in law. It is our first day and before lunch my left leg which has been deemed ‘spasticised’ – went into a state of weakened spasm. I suspect that’s my skiing over for the week. Sometimes this journey is so tough and I’m currently back in the chalet, alone, licking my wounds. It is so HARD, particularly because I have spent 6-8 weeks trying to strengthen my legs. However the milk’s now spilt and I’m determined that this doesn’t get in the way of everyone else having a great week. The bottom line: consider their needs before my own. Challenging and painful at times though! I guess it’s also time to go back to basics and harness the attitude of gratitude. 2 1/2 years ago the prospect of a skiing trip was utterly out of the question.

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