Check-up from the neck up…

james shone

By James Shone

I recently heard this cliche which refers to clearing our heads and regularly refreshing / renewing our mindsets. The mind is quite a battleground for us all!
i am currently in N Cornwall as we rapidly approach bank holiday week-end and our locality is fll of people living the ‘dream.’ Family fun, fine wine, golf, dinner parties and the list goes on…This can be a challenge for me being unable to see clearly, having limited energy and v poor balance. There are many opportunities to potentially sink in to a gloom of self pity – lamenting ALL that I can’t do. This place was previously the promised land  for me to relax and enjoy people and recreation. Now it’s quite different and a place where my mindset is really challenged. I need to really live by my mantra:”Focus on what you can do!” Each day needs to start with a jolly good check-up from the neck up.

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