Buses are brilliant!

james shone

By James Shone

I have recently discovered that getting a bus from my village to the centre of Bath is very straight forward. It costs £4.50 and is 9 miles, whilst a taxi is nearly £30…. big difference! I now get the bus quite regularly and it was the other day that I was sitting on an empty busy when a totally blind man got on to the vehicle and came and sat down directly on my knee! I found this event comical, whilst his wife was extremely angry with her husband. When I told her that I was also was very visually impaired and that I considered it an opportunity for us  both to bond she saw the funny side as well.

I think this new season of being on buses has really opened me up to seeing a genuinely real world where one encounters all the different types of people that make up our communities. This is something that I think is really important for us all to be engaged in and we mustn’t get hidden away in our own little hamster runs. I‘m also aware that I’ve often had a prejudice about using buses and I wonder if this is the reality for many people. Having realised this I would heartedly encourage everyone to overcome any mindsets that they may have against what is clearly a cheaper and more environmentally friendly form of travel.

Enjoy your next bus ride!

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