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james shone

By James Shone

We have just finished half term and one of the highlights of mine was meeting an old friend who I shared a stunningly engaging conversation with. This is a friend who is alarmingly gifted: super intelligent, an athlete, an artist and the list could go on. When we were having a drink together we were reflecting back on our lives. We did this by looking at each of the four or five decades as a single item and discussing whether each of those decades had been a success. This friend of mine’s first two decades could not have been more successful.  Academically, as a sportsperson, winning prizes and roles of honour at school etc.  This took him to the finest university where he also excelled in his third decade. Then there were a series of set-backs which caused him to unravel and to ask himself those searching questions of ‘who am I really?” and ‘what is life truly about?’ This has redirected his journey and he now uses his world class intellect to help other people – he does not laud his giftedness in all areas over more average people like me in any way at all.  His match winning quote came at the end of our conversation when he was able to humbly say that ‘having gifts is wonderful but they should be used as gifts given to other people.’

I Can & I Am is committed to finding gifts in people. We do not want to find these gifts so people can grow arrogant and boastful but because true life is found in using what has been given to us to contribute and help the world become a better place.

Have a wonderful week.


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