An amazing book….

james shone

By James Shone

The other day I was advised by an old colleague friend to listen to a book called,’ Do no harm ‘ written by a brain surgeon called Henry Marsh. “It’s pretty harrowing,” he shared “but it’s full of great medicine.” Well the first statement I have found to be spot on! He splits the book into chapters on different types of tumour. At the end of the chapter on ‘Meningiomas,’ ( my tumour) I felt so moved and the world’s luckiest boy. My situation e was a complex one and so much could have gone badly wrong – I need to endeavour to walk in the ‘attitude of gratitude.’ Thinking / dwelling on the black rather than the red. I’ve been given a second chance!
I think I’ve shared a blog like this before, but make no apology because our altitudes will be higher if we cultivate the all-important attitude of gratitude.

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