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By James Shone

As the summer holidays begin I have been reflecting as I travel around the place on what my aims with my children are for the holidays. I think I can sum it up with a simple acronym: ASK
A – Appreciate – teaching young people and indeed all of us to appreciate what we have and what we can do. It is well known that the practice of gratitude is the antidote to low mood.
S – Support – Learning to contribute and support the cause that is family and community. This ties in to my ‘look out’ principle and recognising that simply feeding ourselves and our own wants and wishes firstly won’t make us happy and certainly won’t make those around us happy. Be a giver and support in little and big ways!
K – Kindness – I like to see this as the driver. That this golden quality is practised by us all at ALL times. This is a real challenge as a parent or teacher and we must work hard to be role models for our children in this respect. I think for our younger children it is hard for them to fully understand what kindness is and this is where catching them doing things that are good and right, rather than wrong, is something we should try hard to do.
And my final thought is on the word ASK. As a verb we should be encouraging our children to, like last week’s blog, be a question ASKER. After all, interested people are interesting people.

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