James's Story

Following a 16 year teaching career and having been offered a job as Headmaster in 2012, James was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Following 27 hours of brain surgery James unfortunately lost the majority of his sight.  However, James is a man who embodies a positive attitude to life and a determination to turn setbacks into springboards. As a teacher, this was at the heart of his pastoral message and his focus now is on spreading the messages of ‘I Can & I Am’ to as many individuals across the UK and beyond as possible.  Put simply, the heart of his charity is to inspire confidence in every individual to enable them to know who they are and what they are able to do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

i can and i am
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James and his family describe in their own emotional words the journey of the last few years

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James Shones describes the process of creating his charity ‘I Can & I Am’

The impact and influence you, as my house parent, had on my life, becomes clearer and clearer whichever route I take. The morals, values and the ‘go for it’ mentality you taught us on a daily basis are of huge help when tackling all different sorts of situations. I am grateful having had the chance to get to know you and your family. I have the greatest respect for you, how you are managing and fighting your brutal situation and I am full of pride when following you on your I Can & I Am journey.

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