Presentations For Business by James Shone

From whole company presentations to small group workshops, presentations can be tailored to suit your organisation

James Shone’s presentations to businesses provide an often much needed reminder of how we can inflate our own balloons of self belief and maintain a positive mindset.

He provides vital tips on how to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing and the importance of working well with our colleagues.


His original, passionate, personal and light-hearted approach ensures that his presentations receive high praise wherever he goes by both young people and adults.

His relevant, challenging and amusing talk takes a look at life today with advice on how to best navigate the challenges that might be faced with resilience, a
growth mindset and a capacity to look out and help others.

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An introduction to the work of ‘I Can & I Am’ within Businesses

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One head teacher describes the impact of James Shone’s presentations within Businesses

What people say?

Whilst you referred to other individuals and their stories, I needed to look no further than the man in the room for inspiration, thank you for making me pause, consider what is important, how to understand myself/my family and start to look out…
The PEN Partnership
Just wanted to say what an honour and awesome experience it was, to listen to James Shone last night. Inspirational, informative, emotional, witty and totally fulfilling on so many levels. Both as a group (Twenty30Leisure) and a parent, life is much richer for the “Shone" experience. Great work in getting such an individual involved.
Andy Elliott
Partner, Twenty30Leisure FZC Consultancy, United Arab Emirates

James Shone’s presentation topics

James’s presentations can be tailored to suit your timings and audience. Topics will include:


List prices are available for our school customers but businesses are simply asked to offer a donation for James Shone’s presentation. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we would love to help.

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