Month: May 2016

Proclaim…then do!

Once again I was inspired, whilst sitting on a train, when I heard two colleague discussing the recruitment of a new employee. Many of his qualities were discussed but the defining moment ,which sealed his fate, was when they shared something he had said he had done and they then found out he hadn’t. Put …

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10 May 2016 – District 10 Heads Meeting

James was honoured to be able to speak to the IAPS District 10 group of headmasters. Here he found himself speaking to a number of people who had heard the message before and was keen to address how we embed the I Can & I Am message in every school for every pupil.

09 May 2016 – Inspire Lectures @ Wellington

James spoke at the bi-weekly Wellington College Inspire Lectures. The audience included the headmaster, deputies, staff and pupils. Once again the I Can & I Am message moved them and James has been booked in to speak at a return fixture in the Autumn.

7th May 2016 – A day at Dean Close

James greatly enjoyed speaking to two groups of parents and a large group of Key Stage 3 children at both the Senior and Junior Schools at Dean Close School. One parent suggested that it was “crucial that pupils and parents who had not heard this message, heard it!”

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