What do we do when an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) careers into our lives?

True & deep trauma strikes many of us and nearly always when we’re least expecting it! James would suggest that we respond to the UFOs in kind, by Looking UFO.


Look Up

James doesn’t want to preach, but knows that a sense of certainty about our next step is all-important when taken to the edge of this mortal coil. It was when he was in the HDU ward at Frenchay hospital that he’d see screens put around fellow patients’ beds when their bodies were being removed from the ward, having passed away. James knows that he wouldn’t have coped with this scene without a sense deep faith.

Look Forward

Looking back to when all was well can really stultify growth. Hope is extinguished and James always strives himself, and stresses to others, that we must keep looking forward – even if our “train track” doesn’t seem to be heading towards such beautiful sunlit terrain. Forwards is better than backwards – hope is KEY!

Look Out

Here James cites Viktor Frankl, the Austrian Jew who survived a year or so at Auschwitz. Whilst reflecting Frankl suggests that the tearing of a bread bun and sharing it with other inmates made him feel more internally ‘alive.’ James suggests that seeking to do thoughtful things for others is key in overcoming low mood. Eg: encouraging emails, lollipops under the pillows of our children etc.

Looking Up, Forward and Out (UFO) is so much more life giving than Looking Down, Back and In (DBI) which can breed a Dangerously Bleak Individual!
James would vouch for the fact that the great three of Faith, Hope and Love truly work!