To ensure that all pupils leave school with a developed sense of self belief in who they are and what they can do


Today, too many young people leave school with a developed sense of ‘I can’t’ and ‘I am no good’. James speaks to redress this with pupils and seeks to inspire pastoral leaders to be PROACTIVE with their charges, to ensure that every pupil develops and maintains a sense of inner belief.

‘The Funnel’ diagram below helps us to see that the journey through education intensifies academically. This can leave those pupils who battle in the classroom with an undeveloped sense of I can. It is James’ passion to see young people leaving school believing that they can and that they are.




Pupils that leave School with a debt of self belief often struggle to realise their potential throughout life. James believes we have a duty to get it right – as educators. Figures suggest that depression, suicide and self harm are rapidly on the rise amongst younger people (WHO, 2015), and I Can & I Am seeks to tackle these issues head on.

How do we address this?


I Can & I Am draws on James Shone’s sixteen years of experience as an outstanding Housemaster and tutor, as well as his own personal experience of setbacks during 2012-2013.

James greatly enjoys talking to groups of pupils as well as seeking to inspire tutors to do their significant job with all their hearts. Also, James likes to speak to pastoral decision makers – seeking to ensure that the welfare of every pupil remains at the forefront of the school’s agenda.

James also speaks to parents, recognising that they have a key part to play in the development in the ‘Can & I Am‘ in their children.



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So many people, staff & pupils have said how much they appreciated your talk & how inspirational it was

Ben Vessey, Headmaster, Canford School