What is I Can & I Am?


I Can & I Am is a Charity that seeks to address an issue of our time. There are too many people battling with low self worth and through a series of presentations to schools, pastoral leaders, parents, charities, churches and businesses inspiration is offered. Powerful testimony and key principles aim to redirect thinking.

The charity is led and was founded by James Shone. He had many years of experience in the education sector and was appointed to be a headmaster in July 2012. He was then diagnosed with a brain tumour which changed the course of his journey. After receiving 27 hours of brain surgery, James lost the majority of his sight. This meant that he was not able to fulfill his career ambitions but was able to exercise his natural pastoral passion.




The current state of society shows how anxiety and ultimately depression and has really taken root. I Can & I Am seeks to be a preemptive measure in helping people avoid the onset of low self worth and everything it leads to.

 Who is it for?


The groups of people he presents to, range from young school pupils to senior business leaders. He is passionate to see people of all kinds, 'walking tall' and believing that they can and that they are!

Please do look at the Education and Corporate pages to find out more.

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