Let’s ensure that those we care for are not constantly straining for our approval

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 in James' Blog

My message to parents, teachers, tutors & pastoral leaders is to ‘let children feel approved‘.  I think this is a foundational principle of effective pastoral leadership.
It’s the summer holidays! As teachers across our land rest at the end of a busy / full on year – purposeful reflection is now key. It’s our hearts that matter most! How do we feel about the children we are trying to ‘lead out?’ Do we judge them? Have we got them straining for our approval? Or do we CHOOSE to accept them and approve of them for who they are….this is the right way!  We don’t want them to become ‘approval junkies.’
For parents: if our children can’t be themselves at home – that’s clearly not right since security / acceptance is key. We should desire our children to feel secure in who they currently are. For teachers: rest, read and have time concentrating on how you can receive an ‘inflow,’ so you are ready to give out to and ‘approve’ of all those you are looking after in September.

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